Jon & Kate plus 8

I’m such a reality TV junkie! But long gone are my Amazing Race or Fear Factor days. I’ve since moved on to reality TV series like “Jon & Kate plus 8″.

Jon & Kate and their bundles of joyIt started out initially because I was attracted to the beautiful sextuplets. Three boys and three girls at the age of one, looking just adorable! And even more amazing was how the young mother, Kate, organized her life in order to manage the mayhem. Imagine feeding six hungry one-year-olds ALL AT ONCE?! Yah… you get the picture.

So it was partly the adorable littles one, partly my curiosity to learn how Kate finds sanity amidst all the drama, and partly my amazement with the older twin girls who seem mature beyond their years and able to be mummy’s little helpers at their young age. The lethal combination kept me hooked on the show way into Season Two now.

I just finished watching an episode on Discover Home & Health on how Kate came up with a family celebration idea for Valentines Day. Once again, I find myself impressed with how she and Jon managed to keep all eight children happy and excited, and also showering each other with love. If it were up to me, dishing out pancakes in the morning to eight kids would have meant the maximum of my personal capacity. Oh, but Kate moves it up a notch and she does heart-shaped pancakes! Not only that, she devised a treasure hunt plan that made all eight kids running up and down the house, to discover a huge red box called the “Tub of Love”. Ooh wow, can I say!

Then it made me think. Is it the fast paced, crazy, money-chasing life in Singapore society that makes such meaningful family lifestyles seem incomprehensible? I mean, when did making pancakes for your kids seem like such luxury?

Every weekend, I never fail to see parents bring their kids out to the mall, chomp down MacDonald’s or Starbucks muffins, and kids are trudging through SALEs with their parents. But I hardly hear a kid chirp excitedly, “Oh, my mum came up with a Valentines’ Day treasure hunt for us this weekend!”.

Have the urban malls taken over as our parental activities? Has “shopping” also now leveled itself as “quality time with the family”?

“Jon & Kate plus 8” captures my attention eventually because it shows me how a young couple tries to make sure their children are brought up in a meaningful way, even though in reality it is a mess, and potentially can be dramatic. But they managed. It is a stark reminder for myself, that when I eventually have my own family, I want to be a parent like that, and I do not want to be the typical Singaporean parent and orientate the kids to the urban malls. No, I want my kids to know how to be a human being, to live life and to love life.

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