Hope for a gym agnostic

When my hubby Nik first spoke to me about the Wii Fit, I thought it was another gaming toy that he wants to get for HIMSELF. I did what any wife would do – dismissed it.

Until he pulled me in front of a demo set, to show me how serious he was about it as the fitness solution for ME. Me, the gym agnostic who hates to step into the gym because I simply do not know what to do with the equipment, and because I am simply not comfortable with having beefcake trainers guiding me how to use them. My working hours meant there is not time for me to grab dinner and then take a quick run at night. Hence, even though my fitness level is down to the pits (especially after I’ve hit past the big three-o) I have NOT picked up any fitness regime, sista. Uh-huh.. been sitting on my bum still with no apparent improvement in my fitness level.

Lost hope for this gym idiot – yours truly – until Nik pulled me to the window display of what Wii Fit can do.

I think I can do it little white box exercise mojo. Anything that can better my fitness in the comfort and privacy of my own home. So… no crazy fitness nuts to scramble the machines with, no awkward behavior around the gym stuff, and no need to worry about “What am I going to do next?”.

Wii Fit, yes, can do! 😉