Bee No More

I woke up this morning with my eyes glued on a bizarre piece of news. It seems that every credible media, from The Straits Times to the Daily Mail to BBC News, are reporting on a strange phenomenon termed Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). The popular hive, caricatured as cute, little, yellow-and-black honey workers, could possibly be extinct in as short as thirty years.

Thirty years…. that IS within my lifetime.

Hence my shock. Hence my eyes were glued to this piece of news.

Those who’ve read my earlier posts will know that I have developed a new coffee habit – I now drink my favorite cuppa with a dash of honey, and not sugar. That’s now my routine. Every morning when I reach out for the coffee beans, I also reach out for the jar of honey to sweeten my caffeine shot.

According to what the scientists have found, in thirty years I’ll probably have to revert back to sugar.

Jerry Seinfeld\'s Bee MovieUncannily, this scenario was depicted in a recent movie release, Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie. It is an entertaining family centered around the lives of the bees. Of course, parts of it were fiction (if you think bees really buzz around town in tiny little flying cars, then you must be out of your mind!) but the fiction helped to humanize the little worker bees and enabled the audience to relate to them as real, existing beings.

The movie touched on what our world would be like without them. Without their pollination, there will be no more more flowers, fruits will cease to be borne, and naturally, there will be no more honey.

Now, fiction has become a possible reality. That scared me. To think that the dire scene from a funny animated movie about bees will actually come true.

The scientists said, “Our survival depends on them.” Well, then are we able to do something about the CCD? Who then is going to tell us the solution? We now know the what the problem is, but no one seems to be telling us how we can solve it.

The Bee Movie tag line said, “Honey just got funny”. Erm… I think, not.