Welcome to the world, Baby Abby!

After months of waiting, Abby is finally here! She turns exactly two weeks old today, and this is how she looks like at one week old:

I’ve had so much fun playing with her. She is one cute baby! She chuckles in her sleep, she makes funny baby sounds and has the most inquisitive eyes. An absolute bundle of fun.

She weighed 3.6kg when she was first borned. Poor Genie actually carried this much weight around for the past one month. Gee… thank God Genie is not skinny like me. I can’t imagine lugging an extra 3kg with me 24/7!

I’ve seen motherhood change people. Looks how tame Madonna became when she got “mum-ed”. Children are wonderful like that… they can turn the hardest hearts and warm them again. I wonder what little wonders Abby is going to bring to our lives?
Already she’s made my mum a happier person. Now everyday Mum looks forward to “playing” with Abby. Hahaha. It takes a little person to give her the hope and joy she needs.
Oh… can’t wait to see Abby again this weekend. See what new tricks she’ll be up to. Welcome to the world, Baby Abby!

Little Abby – Come out quick!

My younger sister, Genie, is expected to deliver her first baby anytime soon. This is how we’ve all envisioned the little one to look like. Haha. It may seem presumptuous but this pic does reflect the characteristics of my to-be-borned baby niece.

Abby is her name. My sister has given her this name for the past months now, so all of us have been calling her by name for the past few months.
Abby was rightfully ready to arrive in this world as of 4 April, but until today – no peeps from her. Everyday Genie talks to Abby, “Abby, come out quickly!”. Heehee. I think the little one is having a party in her mummy’s tum tum and doesn’t want to face the outside world yet.
I can’t wait to see my baby niece!!! she’s the first baby in the family, and we’ve all been prepping ourselves to welcome this new addition. New clothes, new furniture, new plans… all made to fit a new person into our lives. Ah… can’t wait to see what Abby will look like. This is so exciting!
I’m gonna join the chant online – “Abby, come out quick!” LOL…. Your Aunt Yvonne speaking.